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Our partners are established prestigious brands, with a long history spanning generations.

We seek to divulge and preserve the know-how that passes from generation to generation and share with the world stories full of flavor.

Our Partners

Our producers open their doors to welcome you and present you with the best that is produced in Portugal. Stories and secrets kept in the family are affectionately packed and brought to you though these unique and characteristic products.

Casa de


In 2022, Athayde Páris e António Rocha Páris (father and son), proud and knowledgeable of the unique features of their properties in Trás-os-Montes (North Portugal Region), the existing micro climate in their olive groves and the exclusivity of the indigenous, secular, dryland olive groves, which produce olive with unique tastes and aromas and acidity between 0,1 and 0,2o, Athayde and António baptized their olive and the remainder of their agricultural products with the name of their House.

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Casa S. Miguel




The project begins in 2016 when two friends, Bruno and Nuno, decide to search their family roots for what bonds them to wine. Their brands have enology support provided by the enologist Constantino Ramos. The brand “Turra” was on our best friends, the pet that has accompanied the project from the beginning.
The brand “Fonte da Cobra” comes from the name of the fountain existing on the Quinta (cobra fountain).

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“There are wines that distinguish themselves through their singularity, for being different, for their artisanal side. Wines with scarce production, detailed, exceling at their unique characteristics or, at least, differing from the dominating pattern of the wine regions to which they belong. They are “boutique” wines, that leave us marked, that stay in our memory, that arouse our curiosity and, not rarely, surprise us.
Henrique Cizeron’s wines fit this profile, highlighting Cinética Loureira e Arinto.
(In Revista dos Vinhos)

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Cizeron Wines

©Quinta do Todão

Quinta do


House built by the descendants of illustrious conquerors that sailed beyond the sea and the famous Marquês do Pombal, the discovery of the best locations to develop their activities, dreams and ambitions runs in this family’s blood. Resorting to renowned winemakers, their wines have their own identity, body and charm.

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The Portugal

Wine Firm

The Portugal Wine Firm brings together boldness, concept, authenticity and character, in a perfect symbiosis between diversity and wine’s genetic patrimony, framed in the most diverse regions of Portugal. Its philosophy is built upon the production of minimalistic, authentic wines that mirror the terroir of the regions they belong to.
The Portugal Wine Firm aglomera ousadia, conceito, autenticidade e carácter, numa simbiose perfeita entre diversidade e património genético do vinho, enquadrado nas mais diversas regiões de Portugal. Com a filosofia assente na produção de vinhos de intervenção minimalista, autênticos, que expressem o terroir das regiões onde nos inserimos.

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The Portugal Wine Farm

© Quinta dos Plátanos



Quinta dos Plátanos belongs in Lisbon’s wine region, with Designation of Origin of Alenquer.
Head of a bond established in the 17th century, it remains in the family that descend from Visconde de Merceana. One of the oldest Quintas of Alenquer, it has dedicated itself to wine production since the 19th century and already at the time the wines from this estate became distinguished by superior quality.

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Da Rocha

António Rocha Páris, current brand owner, realized that canned goods would be a perfect complement for the remainder of Casa S. Miguel’s products. Typically Portuguese, canned goods are a differentiated product and there are only a few canneries that make this product in the whole country, even fewer being in Portuguese hands.
He decided to make a brand that brings together the best Portuguese canneries and the best and freshest of fishes, creating a canned goods brand which allies the traditional, the national, the true flavor of our canned goods, with exclusively Portuguese fresh fish, amongst the best we have to offer.

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