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In 2022, Athayde Páris e António Rocha Páris (father and son), proud and knowledgeable of the unique features of their properties in Trás-os-Montes, the existing micro climate in their olive groves and the exclusivity of the indigenous, secular, dryland olive groves, which produce olive with unique tastes and aromas and acidity between 0,1 and 0,2o, Athayde and António baptized their olive and the remainder of their agricultural products with the name of their House.



Casa de S. Miguel is located in Aldeia dos Avidagos, in Mirandela. Casa de S. Miguel is the big House that supports local farmers in their dream to energize an underpopulated inland region. Their olive groves extend throughout the village and their olives are brought from the fields to the production line vats, where they are rested in order to ensure the highest possible conformity and quality of the final product, a mature, less intense olive, lightly flavored, perfect to accompany with Portuguese most famous Chefs’ dishes.


In order to “flirt” with Casa de S. Miguel’s olive, we created the vinegar. After perfecting the recipe a selected vinegar was born, developed in a transition zone of the Douro, made with grapes from the “Vinhão”, “Touriga Nacional” and “Touriga Francesa” region. A less intense, lighter and more aromatic vinegar, perfectly matching the more mature olive from Casa de S. Miguel. The best mother and the most accurate timing make a selected red wine vinegar with an incomparable flavor.

Olive Paste

Originating from producers from the village and surrounding areas, Casa de S. Miguel’s olive paste is part of the same dream of giving the Region the means and opportunities to keep developing techniques and ancestral local products. Casa de S. Miguel’s olive paste is a reference product of the brand, with its flavor acknowledged by some of the best Chefs.


Casa de S. Miguel’s honey is produced in its lands, in Aldeia dos Avidagos. An intense honey, not unlike that from Terras de Mirandela. Acknowledged by DECO, in 2006, as the best honey in Portugal, this rosemary honey can detach from the large scale of its competitors through its unique, unmistakable flavor and texture, keeping with the tradition of our own Portuguese products.







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