About us


In Portugal, there is evidence of life since the Paleolithic. Many different peoples came through our borders, from Celts and Romans to Visigoths and Arabs. Amongst all the European countries, Portugal has the oldest land borders and is one of the oldest countries in the entire World. From the Romans and Arabs, we received the culture of the olive grove, the vineyard, the bridges and aqueducts, still in existence today. In the XV and XVI centuries, we set out to discover the world, both by land and by sea, all the way to Japan. From our travels, we returned with teachings and knowledge from all over the world, never forgetting our only certainty, our Home. Portugal.

Hardworking and honest people, we have created one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world, which includes fish, (1001 ways to eat cod) meat, vegetables and fruits, rice, never forgetting our soups, sausages and pastries. Lovers of good food, we also developed agricultural, livestock and fishing practices, in order to have the most balanced, rich and healthiest diet known (Mediterranean diet) with wine to accompany and olive oil to sprinkle.

In 2022, Athayde Páris e António Rocha Páris (father and son), proud and knowledgeable of the unique features of their properties in Trás-os-Montes (North Portugal Region), the existing micro climate in their olive groves and the exclusivity of the indigenous, secular, dryland olive groves, which produce olive with unique tastes and aromas and acidity between 0,1 and 0,2o, Athayde and António baptized their olive and the remainder of their agricultural products with the name of their House.

CASA S. MIGUEL. Direto da Terra owns Casa de S. Miguel’s brands. In 2021, with a strong desire to diversify and complement the company’s products, it decides to launch a brand of canned products, to continue presenting the best Portugal has to offer, maintaining its motto “Orgulhosamente Portugueses” (Proudly Portuguese).